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*Please Note That If You Did Not Receive An E-Mail Confirmation Pretty Quickly After Scheduling Your Session, The Time Was Not Available And Thus Is Not On The Calendar...Please Do Check Again!  Thanks!


*Please Note That If It Is More Convenient For You To Schedule Via Phone Or E-Mail, Please Do Let Me Know!  I Will Be Happy To Help You With This!  I Just Need To Be Be Able To Access My Online Calendar To Check Availability…Easy!



Deb’s teach days at Riverbend Country Club are Wednesday Through Sunday, unless Golf Industry Events take me out of town on business. Thank you for your patience and understanding with these additional endeavors…everything on my plate helps me on the journey of becoming the best golf instructor I can be.

If you are looking for a particular day and it is booked, please use the waiting list feature on the scheduling site.  People schedule ahead and will sometimes find themselves having to reschedule their session, leaving an opening. The waiting list feature works very well and I can often contact you the day or days before your desired time.

Equipment can be provided for learning sessions. Just let me know!  For new golfers, I would recommend waiting on your purchase of golf equipment before your first lesson session. Not only can I assist you with equipment evaluation/recommendation, I can offer some very good insight so that you will be a very “educated” shopper when you visit various golf shops to compare pricing.

Due to busy member play at RBCC, on course learning sessions need to be scheduled for the 8-9:30am time slot on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday teach days. This will allow us to be out on the golf course ahead of folks who have teed off, giving us quality, uninterrupted time for our on course play session.  

Group instruction program registration (clinics, camps, special events) will be handled through the golf shop at Riverbend CC. Please call 281.269.2527 to sign up for events. Thank you so much for your participation in group golf education. This is a wonderful way to meet fellow golfers in a positive and fun atmosphere!

Payment for all learning sessions and group programs is accepted via RBCC member charge, check or cash. 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect for no-show appointment sessions. Additonally, pre-paid lesson packages must be used within 12 months of purchase and are not refundable or transferable. Sorry, credit cards are not accepted at this time. Thank you for your understanding!


Thank You For Coming To See Me For Golf Instruction!

See You Soon On The Learning Tee!